Peregonim! (Let's Distill!) - site about alcoholic drinks and their making

Ru En
Alcoholic drinks

Peregonim! (Let's Distill!) - a site about alcoholic beverages, as well as about everything that, in one way or another, relates to the manufacture and use of alcoholic beverages. And although the name "Let's Distill!" as if hinting at moonshine, this site has practically nothing to do with making moonshine. However, attention will also be paid to the topic of distillation, since drinks such as gin or absinthe cannot be made without distillation. I am not a specialist in the production of alcohol, I am just an amateur who tries to make high-quality drinks and snacks so as not to use the products of the liquor-chemical and meat-chemical industries once again - health is more expensive. Therefore, I will master technologies, find recipes, do all this and share my experience - both positive and negative.